Types of Ginseng

There are two distinct types of ginseng grown in the world, American ginseng (white or yellow in color) and Asiatic ginseng (red color). They claim that American ginseng has a cooling quality on the body versus a heating quality for Asiatic ginseng. The traditional Ying and Yang if you will.

American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolium L.)

American ginseng seems to be the most common name. Panax quinquefolium is native to Eastern North America from Southern Ontario to Georgia and as far west as Wisconsin. Panax quinquefolium is now also grown in China. Panax quinquefolium is believed to give a cooling effect to the body.This cooling, energy giving, endurance enhancing factor is believed to be the most beneficial for our fast paced, stressful world.

Asiatic Ginseng (Panax Ginseng)

Asian, Korean, or Chinese ginseng (all common names) refers to a plant native to North Korea and China but Red Ginseng is a processed product and is made from steaming Korean grown Panax white ginseng for 8 - 10 hours then drying; often it is processed further into tea, capsules or slices. Panax ginseng is used to warm the body.

Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosis)

Siberian ginseng, is a commonly found product given the common name of ginseng. It is not a true ginseng or it would have the genus Panax. It is though, related to the ginseng group as they both are in the Araliaceae family of plants, a very large grouping, including devil's club and sarsasparilla. Siberian ginseng does not have the chemicals called ginsenocides in its root but are said to have chemicals that do similar thing s. It is grown in Russia and China mainly and is native to East Russia and down to the Japanese Island of Hokkaido. The common name ginseng is so attached to this plant we will probably never get rid of it but customers should know it is not a true ginseng.
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